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Retaining Walls And Hardscaping York Pa

Hardscaping entails an integration of a variety of materials such as stone, pavers and wall blocks amongst others to make structures that are aesthetically appealing and that will compliment your outdoor space. Usually retaining walls and hardscaping York PA is done to enhance functionality of your outdoor space.

We are experts in building retaining walls and hardscaping builds such as patios, pergolas, walkways, water features, pavilions, pillars, outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen and bars, and so many others. A retaining wall on the other hand is a wall built to hold soil behind it.

Retaining walls should be reinforced to be able to hold the pressure from the soil they are holding. They should also be well designed, well-built and made anesthetically appealing to match your garden. They can be made of concrete, bricks, blocks, boulders and timber.


When it comes to creating stunning hardscapes, we are trusted to be the best in the region. This is because of the attention we pay to the entire hardscaping process starting with design. We have an in-house team of hardscape designers that are experienced and passionate about design. They will take you through all the designs that are perfect for your space.

If you already have ideas about what you want, they will work with you to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. Our designer will not rest until you have the design you really want for your space. We put unparalleled attention to the installation process. Unlike many other companies around, we install for the long term.

Stone Retaining Walls

We take lots of pride in seeing our hardscapes still serving our clients decades later. We use certified segmental retaining wall installers for the best retaining walls and hardscaping York PA. We are also ICPI certified installers and therefore you can trust us to provide quality installations.

Besides building retaining walls and hardscaping for new projects we can also work on existing landscapes. We can install hardscapes that add functional detail to your existing landscapes. For instance we can add pathways to your garden to provide access to planting areas and entrance ways.

We can add retaining walls to stabilize areas where you have witnessed soil movement before or just to enhance drainage.

Hardscape Designs & Installation

Besides offering quality hardscape installations we also offer hardscape maintenance services to keep your space looking great and renewed the entire year round. With regular maintenance you also get to have long lasting hardscape installations. Some of our hardscape maintenance services include; hardscape cleaning, sanding, hardscape sealing and joint stabilization.
If you have hardscape structures with joints it is imperative that those joints are stabilized after a certain duration to maintain the integrity of the structure. Sealing protects the materials used on the hardscape from damage by weather elements while also maintaining the aesthetic value of the hardscape.

You can trust us to deliver quality retaining walls and hardscaping York PA. We have a long list of satisfied customers through the entire York town. Contact us today.

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